Back in 1803 the first deer were introduced to Australia.
We take our name from that date, because in a way that’s when our story began.

My family has been sustainably and ethically farming red deer on rolling pastures near Orange, Central NSW for 34 years. Our father, Andrew was a big country vet and he loved his deer. Now my brother Tim continues dad’s passion as he breeds, farms and processes red deer under the Mandagery Creek Venison brand.

The idea of 1803 began with a commitment to the nose-to-tail philosophy and a spirit of collaboration. 1803 works with talented Australian artisans to use our antlers and hides, which are the natural bi-products of deer farming. Our artisans are our heroes, they have developed rare and traditional skills, and they value the process of working with these beautiful natural materials. Their attention to detail and the care and time this takes mean we make our premium products in small runs. 
In everything we make there’s an integrity that we are really proud of.

Australian made local beauties, every single piece.