1803 Deer Suede Cushions


Our collection of luxuriously soft deer leather and deer suede cushions are special.

Celebrating our wonderfully tactile Australian tanned deer leather and deer suede, our classic cushions are timeless; perfectly understated, beautiful in their simplicity and a delight to use.

Soft deer suede or deer leather panels balanced with a light natural linen. The tactile nature of these materials when combined is unexpectedly fabulous.

The Large Square cushion has 4 panels of deer suede backed by natural linen.

The Long cushion has 1 panel of deer suede that is 2/3 of the front matched with 1/3 linen, it is also backed with natural linen.

All cushions have a premium feather and foam inner that have been chosen to provide form and structure, but also to provide you a full, plump cushion to truly celebrate the beauty of our deer suede.

– Mushroom
– Olive
– Storm

Long Cushion – 55cm x 35cm
Square Cushion – 55cm x 55cm



Mushroom, Olive, Storm

Large Square (55cm x 55cm), Long (55cm x 35cm)

Suede, Leather cushions are out of stock (sorry)

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Long (35cm x 55cm), Square (55cm x 55cm)

Deer Suede

Deer Suede only


Mushroom, Olive, Rust, Storm