1803 Folding Pocket Knife


Some things will never grow old, a real pocket knife is one of these.

This lovely little folding knife can be used as a classic pocket knife or an old-school foil cutter for special bottles of wine that still arrive with a cork. Each friction-folding blade is individually forged to match the shape of the antler. It is wonderful craftsmanship and the simple beauty of these special little folding knives will stop you in your tracks.

The small hand-forged folding carbon-steel blade is fabulously sharp and uniquely handsome. Take it camping, take it travelling, sit on the side of a river and cut an apple with it, open your wine, your mail….it will cut anything that takes your fancy really. Carbon steel blades will tarnish, developing a mottled effect on the blade, this is part of the inherent beauty of our collection.

Our 1803 friction-folding pocket knife is presented in a suede pouch.

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