1803 Oyster Shucker


There is an art to shucking an oyster. It requires time, focus and a seriously good tool – just like our classic hand-forged stainless steel oyster knife with antler handle. Handsome, sturdy and strong, this little knife is possibly one of the most beautiful shuckers you will ever see!

Antler handles are great as the texture provides extra grip when wet, and they are also well weighted and comfortable in the hand. There are a few tips for getting this right – once you have shucked your oyster, it should look clean: there should be no shell and what ever you do, don't wash it! Keep the fresh sea water in the shell and slurp away. Heaven.

Oyster knives are strong and hardy tools, and if you lose your concentration or slip, injuries can occur. So find a comfy spot, a wet tea towel, (or for the real enthusiast a shucking glove) and a bag of fresh oysters then shuck your day away.

The 1803 Oyster knife comes in a small suede bag for safe keeping.

The fastest oyster shucker in the world is Patrick McMurray; he shucks 38 oysters in a minute – practice makes perfect so good luck & enjoy!

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