1803 Classic Cleaver


The 1803 Classic Cleaver is an essential piece of kit for the proper home cook. Our hand-forged carbon steel blade chops through meat and hard vegetables with ease, and the flat side of the blade is also great for crushing your garlic and tenderising meat. The antler handle is a safe grip and a pleasure to hold. Antler handled knives are used by the world’s great chefs as a kitchen tool of choice. Just ask Tetsuya.

Our Classic Cleaver has been forged by the Canberra Cutlery Collective with pride. It is strong and sturdy, well balanced and it looks and feels the business. Every 1803 Classic Cleaver arrives safely bound in a handmade suede knife wrap. Chop chop.

Carbon steel will tranish and patina with use and time; this is part of its inherent rustic beauty.

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The Classic Clever is a solid and well balanced all-round kitchen tool. Every Cleaver is unique.

Average Length of Blade: 12-13cm
Average Height of Blade: 4.5cm
Average Length of Handle: 12cm
Average Weight: 235-250gms

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