Product Care

1803 collaborates with Australian artisans to produce distinctive & beautiful handmade products that celebrate the natural beauty of all things deer. All 1803 materials are natural and sourced from our red deer farm in Orange, central NSW. Our collections are all handcrafted, which gives every piece its own naturally occurring flaws. We love these raw imperfections because they are what make every 1803 piece unique and authentic. 1803 products are made to last with your diligent care.

1803 Blade Collection

The 1803 antler-handled blade collection is hand forged using carbon steel. Once tempered and finished, the blades are then set into handcrafted red deer antler handles. Every blade has distinct and unique marks that reflect the forging process, and every antler handle has its own colours and textures. No two knives are the same, which is exactly how it should

To care for your 1803 blade:

Carbon steel blades are stronger and will stay sharper than stainless steel blades; however they will also tarnish and rust. Carbon steel won’t let you get lazy, because it insists on being treated right. It’s a self-respecting metal like that. In return, it gives you one of the sharpest, hardest edges you could ever hope for.

Clean the blade with a warm cloth and when dry, wipe a small amount of mineral oil – camellia, rosehip or even olive oil – on to the blade to seal and protect it between uses. And, because of its tendency to stain, in time it becomes more and more yours. Like good leather shoes and your favourite denim jeans, carbon steel only gets better with time, developing a patina that tells its story. It is all good.

Only wash your 1803 knives by hand. Do not soak the blade or the antler handle in water. Do not place your knife in a dishwasher. Treat it will care and it will love you back.

1803 Deer Leather & Suede Collection

Tanned by Matt in Victoria at one of Australia’s few remaining commercial tanneries, our deer leather and suede is uniquely full-grained, buttery soft and characterised by individual differences in markings, colours and textures. No two hides are the sameOver time and with use, our deer leather & suedes will soften beautifully and as they are not UV protected, colours will also evolve.

1803 Leather

It is best to maintain leather regularly to maintain its water-resistance and beautiful appearance. We recommend that you professionally clean all 1803 leather products. However, if soiled simply wipe down with a damp cloth or a quality leather cleaner, then dry in a shaded area (direct sunlight may fade colours). Once the leather is cleaned to your satisfaction, treat it with a leather conditioner to restore its lustre and replace the leather’s natural oils.

Note: Always test leather-cleaning products on a small inconspicuous area before application.

1803 Suede

Suede is soft and luxurious however it is also quite porous; we recommend that your professionally clean all 1803 suede products. Initially some small suede leather fibres may rub onto under garments when you use your suede products, this is because both sides of suede have been cut to create the wonderfully soft finish – this will diminish with use & a clothing or suede brush can help.

If it gets wet: Let the suede dry at room temperature, then gently brush it with a suede brush (or a piece of dry towel) to restore the nap to the suede.
Storage: When you store suede garments, always store suede in a cool, dry place and be certain they can breathe – do not store in plastic as it prevents air circulation