1803 Shaving Lather Set


For the man who loves to whip up a good old-fashioned lather as part of his daily shaving ritual, our 1803 antler-handled badger-hair shaving brushes and lather sets are the bombe.

Antler is celebrated for the natural grip it provides, especially when wet; it is commonly used for premium knife handles and so we knew it would work beautifully to create the perfect rustic shaving brush. To get the best out of a shaving brush, a premium shaving soap and a lather bowl are the tools every man needs.

We have collaborated with Whispers from the Woods based near Orange to make our traditional, organic Sandalwood shaving soap. It smells fabulously masculine and its blend ensures a smooth razor glide and soft, supple skin after every shave. Our ceramic shaving bowls are made by Jude Keogh (also based in Orange) and have a ribbed finish in the base of the bowl to help create a thick, rich lather with ease.

Every 1803 shaving brush is unique, no two are the same and that is exactly how it should be. Simple is best. Our Lather sets are presented in a black gift box and include a free tea towel.Enjoy.