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Caring for your knives is great therapy that delivers fabulous results in the kitchen. A sharp knife is a beautiful thing capable of turning a cooking experience into a moment that is joyful and exciting (especially in social isolation). A tip from a great mate who is a fabulous chef, is to sharpen your knives weekly, and as we are all spending quite a bit more time at home at the moment, it is a positive little addition to your weekly schedule!

1803 Blade Care kits are available as a Blade Care Kit or as a Blade Sharpening Kit.

Our 1803 Sharpening Kit includes a Dual Grit Whetstone and Maintenance kit. The best method to sharpen your blades is to use a whetstone, ideally with dual grit. We provide a whetstone with 1000/3000 grit options achieve a smooth, fine sharpened edge. Your whetstone comes with instructions to ensure an easy and enjoyable experience for you and your knives.

Once sharpened, the 1803 Care Kit provides you with a super eraser that will rub away most tarnish marks on your carbon steel blades, however not is important to note they will all darken and develop marks with time and use – this gives our knives their handsome and rugged character. Once the blade is rubbed clean, you then seal it with a few drops of organic camellia oil to seal the blade and minimise the oxidation process responsible for the tarnishing on the steel.

Enjoy your new blade care adventures!

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1803 Blade Care Kit in Leather Pouch
Weight – 152gm
Length – 11.5cm
Height – 9cm

1803 Blade Sharpening Kit
Top Shelf Dual Grit Whetstone 1000/3000 + 1803 Blade Care Kit
Total Weight – 770gm
Whetstone Length – 19cm
Whetstone Height – 4cm
Whetstone Width – 7cm

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1803 Blade Care Kit, 1803 Sharpening Kit