1803 Classic Cleaver


The 1803 Classic Cleaver is a true chef’s cleaver, solid and beautifully balanced to help with all heavy-duty jobs in the kitchen. A highly versatile knife, our cleaver can portion whole chickens, joint ribs and knuckles and chop hard vegetables with ease, while it is also perfect for daily chopping, slicing and dicing.

The square-nosed hand forged 16cm carbon steel blade is handsome, rugged and razor sharp. Once tempered and finished, it is then set in a solid piece of red deer antler and fixed with a small brass nail. Antler handles provide a naturally textured grip that is very comfortable in the hand and prevents slippage when wet, this is why antler handles are preferred by many of the world’s great chefs.

Our Classic Cleaver is an impressive piece that has been hand crafted with pride to last a lifetime. It is presented in a leather wrap, so you will never need to be apart for this beauty.

No two 1803 Classic cleavers are the same, and that is exactly how it should be.
Simple pleasures.
Timeless treasures.

All 1803 packaging is made using natural materials and is designed to be reused.

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1803 Classic Cleaver is a rustic, versatile and impressive kitchen tool.

Weight: 250gm – 295gm (depends on the density of antler handle)
Length of Blade: 16cm
Length of Handle: 12cm
Depth of Blade: 4.5cm
Thickness of Blade: 4mm

Knives made from carbon steel will patina and tarnish, this is part of the blade’s inherent, rustic beauty. Please follow the 1803 blade care guide provided to maintain your knife in premium condition.

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