1803 Shaving Kits


1803's Classic Shaving Kits are the definition of Old School Cool. They are the ultimate collection of Australian artisan goodness where craftsmanship and practicality are matched perfectly with rugged good looks.

Rare Australian provenance and handsome natural materials combine to create exquisite shaving sets for the man with an eye for detail and a love of beautiful things. Hand on heart, these are quite possibly the most handsome shaving sets you will ever see; they are the real deal. Every set is unique, no two are the same – which is exactly as it should be.

1803 Large Classic Shaving Set:

  • 1803 hand forged carbon steel folding razor set in a red deer antler handle
  • 1803 deer leather strop (with chalk) to keep your blade perfectly aligned and polished
  • 1803 antler handled badger hair shaving brush
  • 1803 Blade Care Kit to keep your razor looking good
  • 1803 traditional organic sandalwood hard shaving soap, for a premium razor glide
  • 1803 deer leather lined shaving/toiletry bag to keep this handsome set safe wherever you may be
  • True artisan luxury.