1803 Honing Steel


The 1803 honing steel is a rugged and practical accessory for every kitchen; in the world of knives it is an essential tool to keep your knives at their best.

Our fine honing steel is forged from premium D2 high chromium steel for extra strength and durability. The steel rod has a domed end for safety, it is polished, then heat treated, polished again, a solid brass guard is added to keep hands and fingers safe and finally the shank is set into a solid piece of red deer antler.

A honing steel (also called a sharpening steel) is a rod of steel that is used to re-align blade edges, straighten the burr and polish the blade edge. A traditional smooth honing steel, such as ours, is most effective when the blade edge is in good condition and is sharp; as it is not designed to ‘sharpen’ a blunt blade, rather it fixes deformations along the edge of a sharp blade, technically known as burnishing.

We recommend that honing/steeling be performed immediately before or after using a knife and that it is done every time you use your knife. The 1803 Honing steel is one of the most stunning you will see, its scale is big which means it is heavier than most, but if you have the strength, this will deliver results. A special piece, proudly crafted to last for generations.

Time to get busy – enjoy!

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1803 Fine Honing Steel

Weight approximately 500grams
Steel Rod 25-26cm
Antler Handle 13-17cm
Brass Guard 2cm thick, 5cm wide

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