1803 Slicing Knife

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A slicing knife is generally used to cut thin slices of cooked meat, poultry and fish. We also use ours to prepare fruit and vegetables and for slicing bread. It is a really adaptable knife, that looks fabulous.

The 22cm blade is longer than most and it is forged to have flexibility which helps when slicing meat on the bone. The reduced height of the blade (when compared to a Chef’s Knife) is preferred by many chefs, as it reduces the amount of steel that contacts food which is important for delicate fish, poultry and meat.

Our 1803 Slicing Knife is elegant, with a pointed tip and solid antler handle finished with a single brass nail.

The slicing knife is presented in a leather knife wrap to protect the blade and fingers, it is also perfect for taking your favourite knives on trips and picnics.

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1803 Slicing Knife dimensions vary slightly with each knife:
Full length of knife – approximately 35cm
Length of blade – 22cm
Length of solid antler handle – 13cm
Heigh of blade at neck – 3.5cm

Additional information

Weight .225 kg
Dimensions 35 × 3.5 cm