1803 Steak Knives


Quite possibly the most beautiful steak knives in the world, our hand-forged carbon steel blades are cleverly set in scales of red deer antler then set with three small brass nails. Our handsome steak knives have an 8cm hand-forged carbon steel blade with a full tang through the length of the knife handle to provide superior stability, balance and weight. A delicate balance of rugged looks and elegant simplicity that will turn any meal into an event.

1803 knives are unique, celebrating the character of our natural antler and the traditional forging process with a distinctly Australian aesthetic. We choose to forge our blades with carbon steel as it has superior hardness and strength, which makes it easier to sharpen and ensures a longer life. Every 1803 knife is ruggedly handsome and completely traceable from our farm gate in Orange; our hand-forged blade collection has rare provenance that represents authentic Australian luxury.

Knives made from carbon steel will patina and tarnish, this is part of the blade’s inherent, rustic beauty. Please follow the care guide provided to maintain your knife in premium condition.

Available as a single steak knife in a leather wrap, or a set of six (6) knives on a simple wooden storage block with every knife also presented in its own leather wrap, to keep blades sharp and fingers safe.
A Blade Care Kit is included with every set to keep your knives looking their best.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.