1803 Vintage Shear Blade Knife

Our 1803 Vintage Shear Blade knives are rare and fabulous.

Vintage hand shears are given new life by Kev as they are reforged, polished, sharpened and then rolled around a solid antler handle. They are rustic, rugged and wonderfully authentic and beyond their good looks, these premium carbon steel blades are razor sharp and keep a great edge. Some blades even have their original makers mark, which adds to their story and brings history alive every time they are used.

A versatile kitchen knife for slicing, dicing and chopping, the 1803 Shear Blade Knife is a very special addition to every knife collection. Presented in a rustic leather knife wrap with story and care cards.

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Vintage Shear Blade Knife dimensions

Blade 12.5cm long
Handle 10.5cm long
Weight 590gm-645gm

Blade 15-16cm long
Handle 12cm long
Weight 415gm-490gm

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