Colo Knife Rack


We are thrilled to share this special edition hand forged knife rack as┬áthe perfect partner for the 1803 knife collection. Now there is no excuse to keep your fabulous blades in a drawer – get them up on your wall so that you can swoon and use them every day!

Co-designed by Sibella Court and her great mate Saul from Colo Forge, the Colo Knife Rack by The Society Inc. is not only functional, but a distinctive, decorative piece embracing the rugged good looks that we cherish at 1803.

Brass, blackened steel and magnets.
Please note that brass will darken and patina with age.

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A stunning combination of brass and blackened steel, this knife rack can be installed horizontally or vertically to get your beautiful knives out of the drawer and on the wall to be admired and used every day.

Two screws are provided, however they are not self-tapping so pre-drilling is recommended.

Please note this product is designed in Australia and made in India.

Additional information

Weight .825 kg
Dimensions 41 × 12.5 × 3.8 cm