1803 Kitchen Knife


The 1803 Kitchen knife is a versatile and practical knife for home cooks and professional cooks alike. Our 15cm sheep-foot blade has a rounded nose and a wide, flat blade, which is derived from the traditional Japanese ‘Santoku’ style. It is great for slicing, dicing and mincing. As it has an edge that is almost completely straight, this knife cuts boneless meat, cheese, vegetables, herbs and fruit with ease.

Our rustic hand-forged carbon steel blade has a full tang through the length of the knife handle to provide superior stability, balance and weight. It is then set between two formed scales of red deer antler and fixed with three small brass nails. Antler feels good in the hand, while also providing additional grip when wet – this is why antler handled knives are preferred by many of the world’s great chefs.

1803 knives are unique, celebrating the character of our natural antler and the traditional forging process with a distinctly Australian aesthetic. We choose to forge our blades with carbon steel as it has superior hardness and strength, which makes it easier to sharpen and ensures a longer life. Every 1803 knife is ruggedly handsome and completely traceable from our farm gate in Orange; our hand-forged blade collection has rare provenance that represents authentic Australian luxury.

Knives made from carbon steel will patina and tarnish, this is part of the blade’s inherent, rustic beauty. Please follow the care guide provided to maintain your knife in premium condition.

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The new 1803 Kitchen Knife is a beautifully balanced and versatile kitchen tool.

Length of Blade: 15cm
Height of Blade: 4.5cm
Length of Handle: 12cm
Average Weight: 230gms

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Weight 0.230 kg
Dimensions 26 × 2 × 4 cm