1803 Tea Towel


A humble neccessity, tea towels are simple and functional. Our durable, white cotton tea towel stands out from the crowd with words have been carefully chosen to embrace and reflect all we do and aspire to be at 1803.

Living a good life is about making good choices.

Yes, it is.

We work very hard to make our footprint smaller and our resolve firmer; we prioritise provenance, sustainability and waste minimisation. We support and nurture local Australian artisan talent and in everthing we make we strive to keep the old skills alive as we craft authentic and beautiful products.

Life is enriched by the small good decisions we make every day; these are what make great things happen.

Grab one for yourself and one for a friend, these words will inspire and keep your kitchen clean at the same time! It is all good.

Choose well. Choose 1803.


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100% white cotton tea towel with words that embrace all we are and aspire to be.

Choose to make a richer life, because you can.

Choose 1803.