1803 Filleting Knife


The 1803 filleting knife is a stunning precision knife for all chefs and home cooks. It is fully forged so the entire blade, bolster and tang are crafted from one piece of premium stainless steel to deliver superior strength, flexibility and balance.

Featuring an elegant, light-weight 19cm stainless steel blade, our new filleting knife is a beautiful, multi-purpose blade that is perfect for filleting and cutting all fish while it can also cut poultry and slice meat thinly and with ease.

The full tang is set between two hand finished scales of red deer antler which are naturally textured to feel good in the hand and provide superior grip, especially when wet. The antler scales are then triple riveted with three small brass nails for additional strength. Not only handsome and comfortable to hold, our hand crafted stainless-steel blade is incredibly sharp and is easily resharpened.

We are incredibly proud to share this very special knife.
It is presented in a rustic leather knife wrap with care and 1803 story cards.

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The 1803 filleting knife is forged with premium stainless steel to ensure it will not mark white flesh.

Full length – 32cm
Blade – 19cm
Handle – 13cm